DAV Public School, Madhukunda (CBSE Affiliation Number - 2430257)

State Regn No. 03/1(5) - Sc/AIS/NOC Sunuri, Distt. - Purulia, West Bengal - 723121

Honorable REGIONAL OFFICER Message  

True education ingrains in a child the core values that cater to the harmonious growth of every individual and helps him to define success in his own terms.

 It is my ardent belief that the school sculpted on the bedrock of values and ethics of DAV continues to provide a rich and powerful podium for the young minds to explore and find the best in themselves. Education imparted in schools should ideally focus much beyond academic success to creating moral and intellectual leaders of tomorrow who stride ahead with dignity, integrity and compassion. Thus the social and emotional well-being of every child must be of prime importance.
It is my fervent advice to every student and educator alike, to blend in academic competencies with a multi-dimensional approach to the ultimate goal of education, that is to build an impeccable character. 

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DAV Public School, Madhukunda
DCW - Acc Madhukunda ACC Colony
P/O - Sunuri, Distt. - Purulia,
West Bengal - 723121
Email Id : [email protected]
Contact No. : 81700-08037

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