DAV Public School, Madhukunda (CBSE Affiliation Number - 2430257)

State Regn No. 03/1(5) - Sc/AIS/NOC Sunuri, Distt. - Purulia, West Bengal - 723121

Principal’s Message  


Founded in the year 1994, DAV Public School, Madhukunda embarked on the journey of spreading a modern and technology oriented education blended with the ideas of rich vedic culture and Aryan ideology.

A true educationist believes in self discipline of a child rather than repressionistic discipline. Our caring educators try to explore the innate qualities of every child and give them the scope to discover their ownselves, thus instilling a sense of self discipline in them. Our focus is not only to set and bring about a high academic standard but to nurture the students physically, culturally, morally and aesthetically. To bring about a holistic development, children are encouraged to take part in various curricular and co-curricular activities, competitions, Olympiads workshops etc. Hawans are performed in the morning assemblies and vedic mantras are chanted regularly to propagate and acquaint our children with the vedic culture and teach them to have a modern outlook and approach towards life yet being rooted to our ancient cultures.A school website has been designed as an important tool and mechanism to highlight the qualities, facilities & mission of our school. This will become a platform where our students’ creative exploration will be brought to the  fore  and your positive response to access this website will give us a valuable feedback to reach our goal and would certainly encourage us to come up with better ideas and approaches like this.

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DAV Public School, Madhukunda
DCW - Acc Madhukunda ACC Colony
P/O - Sunuri, Distt. - Purulia,
West Bengal - 723121
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Contact No. : 81700-08037

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